Australia November

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Australia November

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Hey, still planning trip to Australia and still looking for travel buddy . I have places which I wanna visit , but we can chat about everything . Adele x

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Hi Adele

Hoping to be in Australia at the start of Nov, but not 100% yet, but i will let you know when i no more

No plans of where i will go yet, but should be there for 6 weeks so keen to do what i can. i have been to sydney and brisbane already though as have family in brisbane

feel free message me if you like


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Hello Adele,

From London and I’m 19. I’m looking to do a similar thing. I’m planning on living and exploring Australia in September 2016 and leaving around June 2017. My first destination will be the Gold Coast and my visa is all sorted. I’m going alone from London so it’d be cool to have a travel buddy(ies).
Hopefully hear from you soon,
Kieran cool smile