Chinese Visa Issue

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Chinese Visa Issue


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Hi all,
In early July I will be heading to china as part of a little trip round south east Asia with my two mates. Im going to Beijing and Shanghai. Currently Im trying to apply for my visa but have found a slight issue. A proof of a hostel/hotel booking is required so that i can prove i have somewhere to stay, which I have. However, because I was the one who booked it it only has my name on the email and not either of my companions but it still says three beds are booked. Is this okay or are the visa people not gonna be happy with my friends not having their names on the booking confirmation? Im planning on using a visa service rather than going to the embassy directly btw.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated
Thank you.

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I had the same problem when I went to China a few years ago. My friend booked the hostel, so I didn’t have anything like that in my name. I sent through the booking confirmation that was in my friend’s name (direct to the embassy, in my case), and my visa was approved without any problems.

Obviously I can’t say for sure if it’ll be the same for you, but make sure everything else is in order and hopefully you won’t have a problem.