Travel buddy early 2017- Australia

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Travel buddy early 2017- Australia

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Hey I am Lauren, 21 years old. I’m looking for a travel buddy to start a trip early 2017! Planning on going to Australia on a working holiday visa, working as I travel around. I haven’t got a set plan on where to start but think it would be easier to plan once I’ve found someone to travel with! All my friends have settled down and i’m just not at that stage yet haha

I’m looking for someone who’s similar age who wants to have fun, party, sight see and basically do everything! If you have similar plans then message me grinsmile

P.S i’m also interested in SE Asia, New Zealand, Fiji and Bali and i’m open to ideas to travel any of these countries in any order!


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Hi Lauren, my name is Rachael, I’m in the same position.. 99.9 % of my friends are settled down, I’m 20 and would love to take a break from working life to see the world, I would also be on a working visa, I haven’t travelled much at all and never in my own would be great to have a travelling buddy and Australia is where I want to go firstsmile give me a wee message if your interested smile



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Hi Lauren and Rachael
In in the same position
I would love to go on a working visa to Australia and also do abit of traveling.
Message me back if interested
I’m hope to leave around early 2017
Thanks Sophie x

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Hey girls, I’m in exactly the same position as you! I’m arriving in Sydney January 2017, maybe we should set up a facebook chat?