Need a travel partner(s) Australia, SE Asia and New Zealand!

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Need a travel partner(s) Australia, SE Asia and New Zealand!

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I’ve been wanting to take a gap year before I start uni.(I’m 18 btw) I’m giong to school in England and none of my friends in America are taking a gap year, which is why I’m on this looking for a travel buddy!! I want to start traveling in October 2016 because before that I’ll be working and doing internships. I don’t care if it’s with one, two or even three people but I don’t really want to go alone….I can be totally flexible with what places to go to as long as we ge to see Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Those are my top three I think, and I want to be traveling for at least 3-4 months! I think it would be really fun to go explore and see the world and feel much more independant than I would be with my parents….I’ve done lots of travelling in the past but never in these areas.

I’m also very flexible in going to see other countries, as I really want to just explore the world.

Let me know if you’re interested in planning a trip together!

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hello am Sarmi from India. I like to join you for travelling to Thailand. Am visiting one country only. Let me know when you going to visit Thailand if you are interested. for me , I will go there by March,2018.  Have a good day☺- sarmi

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Hi, I’m 19 and from London and wanting to do the same kind of thing. I’m planning on going to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand in 2016/17. I’m would like to leave the U.K for the Gold Coast, Australia in September/October and hoping to find a Job out there for a year before I go to Uni in Europe. Would be cool to find some people to travel with so a message me if you’re interested cool smile