Traveling to Oz, Gold coast solo for a year. Anyone else about ?

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Traveling to Oz, Gold coast solo for a year. Anyone else about ?

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I’m 19 and from London. I am planning on leaving the U.K for OZ, Gold coast in September 2016 and leaving around June 2017. Never been to Australia before but I am a citizen by descent so that’s why I can stay for that long. I will hopefully get a job out there too.

If any other backpackers or peeps traveling to the gold coast alone it’d be cool to gather a network of some sort. Or if anyone has any ideas on how I could possibly meet groups of people similar to my age.

It’s really an open invitation to anyone traveling to the Gold coast so it’d be cool to make some new friends and a little less scary when you are traveling with someone grin

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Hi Kieran,

travelling out to Oz in November this year, spending a few weeks in Melbourne then also wanting to travel the east coast and work in different places as well. Let me know your plans and we can sort something out!

Cheers Rory smile

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Hey, Im planning on going but still need convincing haha
Im planning on going around September also so that would suit grand..Id be travelling over from Ireland on my own!

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I’m planning to travel down the coast from Cairns to Sydney and I’ll pass through Gold Coast. I’m a 17 year old gapper from London and living in America.