Inter-railing 15th July for 30 days. Join me?!

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Inter-railing 15th July for 30 days. Join me?!

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Hi there all, I am planning on going inter-railing on July 17th.
I’m 18 and will be going in the Summer holidays before commencing a course of Architecture at UCL in September!
No route set in stone yet although I’ll be going past Paris and Barcelona at points for sure! My idea for the trip was to learn new things and meet new exciting people, hence I am going on my own (partially due to friends unable to go.)
Would be fantastic to go to places with anyone if you’re interested!
I’m incredibly into sports, the art scene, musics and adventuring, so events surrounding there interests will be experienced and achieved by the end of the 30 days!:D
Let me know if you’re interested!

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I’m interested in inter-railing on the 23rd to the 13th! A friend bailed on me and I am looking to go to Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, and San Sebastian. I’m also into sports, art, and adventures. Let me know if you’re interested smile