Help! I have no idea where to start!

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Help! I have no idea where to start!


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Hi everyone,
I am in the process of deciding whether to take a year out of my studies at the University of West London and go travelling. I have wanted to travel for a while, and my circumstances are such that this may be a good time to go. But, I need to make this decision fast…
I know that I would need to work while I travel, just enough to get by and still see all the sights. I also know that I’m not hugely fussed on where I would go, but would want to start somewhere outside of Europe, maybe Asia. I know I am not really asking any specific questions but that is because I really do not know where to begin! Is there anyone that could help at all with where to start, give any advice, useful links, or tell me about any previous experience you might have had?
Many thanks,
Lindsey smile x


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Both Australia and New Zealand are great for working while you’re away (maybe easier in Aus) and you can get some great deals on flights from places like STA Travel.

I personally spent 3 months in SE Asia on my way down there but you could also look at doing it on the way back.

Maybe take a look at a Round The World ticket site to see if any of the routes they offer speak to you.