Asia & Australasia Summer 2017

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Asia & Australasia Summer 2017

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Hey, wanting to plan an amazing adventurous gap year with loads of laughs and crazy nights, would be great fun to get a group together and travel, not got any plans yet but thinking it would be fun to go to places like:
Holi paint festival/ sight seeing - India
Moonlight party/sightseeing- Sir Lanka
Australia (East Coast)
New Zealand

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Hi Liv, I’m hoping to get away next year too. I don’t have any plans as of yet but like the idea of Asia. I’m hoping to get 6 months off work so want to make full use of this time or at least until my money runs out. Have you had any further ideas about travelling?
Nat x

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I’m the same, I don’t have any plans yet but i really want to travel! Also i would love to go to Fiji and NZ so much, but i don’t really want to go on my own….what time of the year would you two want to go travelling?

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Im so jealous of you guys! I would love to go back to Aus next year! When you guys start looking to buy all your equipment take a look at - really recommend them! I literally bought everything on there!

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Hey all, ive been interested to go to New Zealand for a while now but i haven’t found anybody to go with, looking to travel from late June to early September 2017 and explore the world, currently 19 y.o and a student in England, msg me if you are interested!