Wanting to travel to Australia! But not alone :(

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Wanting to travel to Australia! But not alone :(

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Sooo… Ive always wanted to travel and so far havnt had the confidence to do it on my own, So really im looking at meeting a few people who are also planning to travel to Australia!

I have a few members of my family over there and i have been looking into backpacking and working in farms etc i am wanting to travel quite abit of Australia but i dont have a clue where to start! So i have kinda resorted to this website to make friends and get help and maybe someone to go with! grin

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Hi there! I’m going to Perth mid September.  Send me a pm if you want to chat about your plans.

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I’m planning on going maybe to Melbourne in the next few weeks. I need to apply for my visa and some starting accommodation but also want a travel mate.

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I want to travel to Australia for a few months at the beginning of next year (hopefully January to April bc it’s summer there).  When were you thinking of going?

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If you need any advice, I am happy to help. I travelled down the East coast - Cairns to Sydney - when i went to Australia, which is what a lot of people do to start them off. It is really easy to find your way down if you do end up going solo - a lot of bus companies, and its also so so easy to make friends in the hostels and on trips etc so trust me you will rarely be alone. And you’ll find so many people who is in the same boat as you, most people are traveling solo. So you shouldn’t let going alone stop you, OZ is amazing.

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Hey Morgan!

I was in the exact same position three months ago and now i’m all booked up and travelling to Australia in August! Feel free to pop me a message if you want to ask any questions or just about what i’m doing!

Joe grin

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Hi Morgan!

I’m like you looking for a someone to travel with around Australia, not really sure where to start.

So if you fancy someone to travel with let me know and we’ll talk.


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Hey Morgan, so glad to see this post! Feel exactly the same! Always wanted to go but yet to find anyone to travel with.

Feel free to drop me a message smile .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)