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Route help!! 


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Hi Everyone,
So I recently decided to go Interrailing, and when I say recently, I mean that I decided yesterday!
I quit my job, two weeks ago and have been deciding on my next move and figured that I’d do something fun whilst trying to decide my next path.
I’m based in Brighton in the UK currently and am 24. I don’t have a timescale of how long I want to be away for. I’m thinking a month, but as I don’t have a job and I have some savings then, I’m happy to see how things go - which is a really lovely position to be in!
I’m going to be travelling on my own, which is a little scary! I’d really like to meet some friends along the way and travel with some people, but I really don’t know where to go!
I’m incredibly arty and creative, so Barcelona is a definite, I’m also thinking Prague, Amsterdam, Portugal, Greece and Rome as I really do have a soft spot for Italy.
These are all very obvious places and I was hoping for your guidance on places to go that aren’t so obvious, but are really worth going.
Any advice on how to meet people, hostels to stay in (with budget in mind), and places to visit would be appreciated.
If any one fancies hooking up on Facebook then add me and drop me over a message -

Thanks in advance,

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I’ve not been myself, but I’ve heard Florence is a good arty place.