Australia February 2017

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Australia February 2017

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Hey everyone! I’m a 17 year old United Kingdom citizen living in the USA and I decided to take a gap year and head to Australia. I definitely don’t want to travel alone and I welcome anyone to travel with me! I’m planning to start off in Cairns and work my way down to Sydney by bus or car. However an argument can be made for me to travel from Sydney to Cairns if no one can join me going the opposite way down. After finishing the east coast, I’d fly to Perth and explore there and go to a dolphin conservation in Bunbury and volunteer there for 6 weeks. I don’t plan to work abroad because I’m not old enough to get a working visa, so I’m just in Oz to have fun and nothing else. You don’t have to join me for the whole journey, we can meet up on the east or west coast.

Some things about me:
I have two jobs as a barista and a restaurant hostess, I love being a barista and I can make the best mocha latte you’ve ever had
I’m going island hopping in the Caribbean before leaving for Australia
I’m from Colorado and thus I’m a huge lover of the outdoors and the mountains
I’m going to live in New York for a while and go to college in Florida afterwards and if you ever need a place to stay while I’m there (and I know you well from travelling together) you can hit me up!

Let me know if you want to join me!