From Chicago to California and back

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From Chicago to California and back


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Hi everyone!

My name is Juan and I’m a 21 y/o Colombian who is recently visiting the US. My best friend Samuel and I are planning to do an amazing trip form Chicago all the way down to California and then back to Chicago. Visitng states like Kansa, Colorado, Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa (that would be the idea, some sort of loop).Right now we are in Chicago but would be willing to catch up at some of the way. There is a high possibility we could get a car, but if not possible we would like to share a car and obviously expenses with someone! We would know the answer in a few days, but just text me so if we could work something out! my number is 847 281 6070.

About us… I’m a really happy person like most Colombians lol. I have some experience travelling and nature so we will be visiting national parks and go camping if possible!

My friend Samuel is and 19 y/o who loves music. He plays all kinds of instruments so we will also enjoy some good music on our way!

We are planning on living around june 28-july 2nd

So what do you think? Let me know if you are interested. Dont hesitate on contacting me and we can start knowing eachother and maybe work out the trip!

Hope to see you soon smile