Australia 2017

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Australia 2017

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I am 23 and live in Surrey. I am going out to Australia in 2017 for a year or longer and I’m going solo. Im in Perth for 2 weeks at the beginning of March as my cousin is getting married and am looking at working with her for 6 months or so then heading over to Sydney etc.

Is anyone else going at this time, as it would be great to know people who are also going out at the same time, so i don’t have to do it all alone!

Zoe x

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I am trying to bring some people together for after July, maybe you can join us when we are there. This is if I manage to get any people to come!
Contact me if you arex interested on here or on FB: Marta Castberg

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Hey guys smile
Danielle here! 22 from Dublin smile
I’ve only begun to start thinking about Oz for Sept 2017 recently but the idea is becoming more and more exciting to me!
I’ve said it to a couple of my pals but were all in diff positions with masters/jobs etc.
It would be so lovely to know a few people to kick off this big Oz adventure with so it won’t be a total flop haha!
Feel free to add me on facebook or whatever, I’m really up for getting to know people before I fully commit smile
Dani x

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Hey Guys,

Im Colin and 22, originally from Scotland but living in Newcastle at the minute…

Just joined here and seen this post.

I am hoping to leave for Australia around the tenth of September,,,

Anybody been before or heard anything or have any insights as i was going to go on my own and see how it is….

Any help would be much appreciated