Australia Nov 2016!

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Australia Nov 2016!

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Currently arranging a WHV to travel around Australia in November 2016, first visiting Melbourne. After a few weeks there catching up with family i am planning to travel to the top of the east cost in Queensland to do some farming for 3 months to gain a second years working visa as i know i will want to go back!

After that travel down the east coast with a good group and spend sometime in Sydney or any other places that people are interested in visiting/ living in.

August 2017 latest i am planning to fly over to east Asia starting in Thailand. Then after a few weeks moving on to Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Malaysia and where ever anyone else wants to go!

Nothing set in stone, just to have fun, meet people and explore new places!

Let me know if you are travelling to Australia around the same time and maybe we can sort something out. On the thread or by message is fine!

Thanks Rory grin x


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Hey I’m thinking about traveling to Australia is it worth going out there for a year?

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Hey smile
I’m already in Sydney I’ve been here 2 months I’m just working and saving money to head up the east coast! I don’t really have any plans as such but would be good to travel with someone!

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Hi! I am planning to go to Australia on the 7th of November. My ticket is booked and all and I am now looking for some people to meet there.
What are your plans?