Off to Oz in November, looking for people to travel with?

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Off to Oz in November, looking for people to travel with?

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Hey, I’m going to be flying out to Oz in November, just finished university and thought why not.. Only thing is I’m going alone as my mates have too much commitments, not that its a problem as I love meeting people but travelling the other side of the world alone is daunting! Want to travel the east coast of Australia and then after who knows?! Give us a shout if your interested, Cheers, Mark! grin

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Hi Mark!

I’m planning to go to Melbourne, hopefully in late August or September. Just getting my Work and Holiday Visa sorted out at the moment.

I’m actually very familiar with Australia, especially Melbourne as I went to uni there for 5 years. Just wanted to go back there for another year to have a different kind of adventures and hopefully do a lot more of travelling!

Let me know if you’re planning to go to Melbourne, I’ll be there for the first few months. If you’re keen, we should definitely meet up, cheers!