Looking for Travel Buddy(s) Asia August 2016

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Looking for Travel Buddy(s) Asia August 2016

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Hi I’m Leon 25 year old male that’s from the UK. Currently working as a freelance writer, I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of my workplace freedom and explore the world some more. Looking to join or make plans with some awesome people and backpack wherever really haha! I’m an open minded, energetic and fun-loving type of person looking for others (straight, LGBTI or alien I don’t care) on the same authentic wave length. I don’t have any concrete plans but I was looking to head out around July or early August. I’ve already travelled a fair amount of Europe, so I was thinking about going a little further afield like Asia or South America. Admittedly I’m not the most confident type of person at first ha but once I get to know someone and they get to know me there ain’t no stopping me haha.

It’s time to step out of comfort zones and into the big wide world, who’s with me?!