Looking for a travel buddy for March 2017 down under!

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Looking for a travel buddy for March 2017 down under! 

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Hey guys,

I’m planning a year long trip (maybe 2 years) down under starting in March 2017 on a working holiday visa. I’m desperately looking for someone to travel with, at least for a few months.

I’m a bit torn on whether to visit Perth first (as I have family there) - stay there for a few months, then travel from Melbourne to Cairns and do my regional work


do the backpacking from Melbourne to Cairns first, do my regional work then go back to Perth and settle for the remaining time. Working, and saving ready for my next adventure. I plan to use greyhound coaches on either choice to get from each place as flying is wayy to expensive.

Whichever is chosen, I don’t mind either way so long as someone else is interested in either of the choices. I’m not asking you to stay with me the whole time, you can do as you please. I’m not looking to spend every day with someone, we can go off and do our own thing if you wish, I just want someone to travel with for a few months whilst I get used to being on the other side of the world lol. #anxietyissues.

For those curious on knowing a bit about me, I’m from England, UK (East Midlands) area. I’m 20 (although I’ll be 21 by time March comes around), I’m currently a care assistant in a nursing home, I enjoy eating, drinking, and having fun obv! Looking to step out of my comfort zone for a change, and see what Australia has to offer before I plan my next adventure.  I do suffer with anxiety, hence the reason I do not want to go alone lol but I’m totally ok with doing things out of my usual comfort zone (otherwise I wouldn’t be travelling to the other side of the world for a year or 2!)

If anyone is interested (preferably female) please get in touch!

Thank you xo

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Hey ,

I like
The idea of this and I want to travel too.

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Hi everyone,

I am travelling to Australia at the end of January 2017 so would be great to perhaps meet up with people or even fly out together. I am looking to do 5-6 months over there and possible fly to Bali after the first 3 months and then spend a week or two there before returning to Australia for a further 3 months. I’m 26 lived in Brighton (south east) and I am a firefighter ( you will be safe haha) if you any of you are interested feel free to respond or add me on Facebook smile