12 month USA trip Cheap Style

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12 month USA trip Cheap Style


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Hi there, I’m an 18 year old lad from Yorkshire, England and have been planning/thinking about a long trip to the USA. I especially love the deep south such as places like Georgia and North Carolina and so on but I don’t just want to go here as I’d like to go everywhere. I’m stuck because my dad won’t let me go unless I get someone to go with me so this is why I’m here looking for a travel companion. It would also be awesome to go with someone just share the experiences with.

What I’m looking for in this trip is to simply meet the local people and experience the nature of the country and the nature itself. I also have to try make around $10,000 last over a year so going full Nomad is probably the best option.

Anyone who is interested I want them to know I’m here to chill and just have a nice time, meet lots of people and enjoy the place I’m in. No bullshit, just be there because you want to be.

So far I have planned to go by early 2017 with around USD$10,000 and land in Montreal. I’d like it to last 12 months, if you so wish to join me you don’t have to stay for that long, and travel to as many places as we pass through (fingers crossed I can go to all the southern states :D). So far that’s what I’ve planned but this isn’t set in stone. ALSO I think biking (bicycling) and buses seem to be the cheapest and best option to go where ever you want.

To round off, thanks for reading this far down and secondly it would be ideal to get to know anyone interest before the trip just so we can make sure we don’t hate each other and get along. I’m perfectly happy with any kind of person (boy/girl, don’t matter about race etc.) just as long as you’re a human and are a similar age to me (18).

That’s basically it. Just give us a message if you’re interested and we’ll go from there.


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hey, I’m Jill!
I’ve been thinking about doing a road trip like this for years, and I haven’t been able to find anyone interested in going with me, either.

would love to talk and get to know you! I’m 17, by the way, & I’m from the USA, Illinois to be exact.

just email me if you want to talk!


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Yo what’s up smile I’m heading to the USA for three months in November / October from Peru and am going from Florida to New York. I’m from Finland but grew up in England. I’m going on the cheap too!