Gap Year Travel Buddies For 2016/2017!

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Gap Year Travel Buddies For 2016/2017!


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Hey Guys!
My name is Anna and I am 17 (almost 18) years old and looking for people to travel with during my gap year! I would prefer people around my age and I am completely lenient as to where we go, but I would like to make a stop in South America. I am thinking of traveling either late fall of 2016 or early 2017! Looking to have some fun, visit amazing places and meet awesome people! If you are interested leave a comment or message me directly.
Thanks! smile

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Hey Anna smile
So I’m hitting Central America in October till probably May. Possibly starting USA or Mexico, I am a little older at 25 but I’m young at heart haha! if any of that sounds interesting to you let me know
Brad x

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Yoooo smile I’m Jason 19, 20 this Saturday horahhh!! I’m currently in South America (Bolivia). Then heading to Peru in the next couple of months where I then head to the states for Christmas and New Years.. Been out here for a month but am travelling for a year, going to go to South East Asia too and see where this year takes me.. Didn’t really think I’d end up in Bolivia but here I am and it’s great! Safe travels!!