Travel Buddies Wanted for Central America October 2016 - May 2017

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Travel Buddies Wanted for Central America October 2016 - May 2017

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So I was torn between South East Asia and Central America but it seems like Central America is pulling me towards it for now. Looking for like minded people to travel with for as long as they can put up with me smile

I pulled out of South East Asia because a lot of the money I’m using to travel, I wont have until September so things like immunisations etc are becoming a problem as I don’t have time or money to do them, I have previously travelled around Mexico however so the culture and language of Central America wont be so much of a culture shock for me and will require less planning and I could pretty much head out tomorrow without a plan.

I’m looking to go around October/November time, probably starting in Mexico maybe for Dia de los Muertos or USA but I’m open to suggestions and would love to work the opposite way around and hit Mexico for spring break. As I said I’ve previously travelled around Mexico and have also spent a summer travelling British Columbia, Canada but this will be my first multi-country trip. Open to travelling with newbies or nomads. Male or Female. Groups or solo. Young or old.

I don’t have a strict time limit and although I could never see myself being settled in England and finding a job here I enjoy, I have been lucky enough to find a summer job which i absolutely adore so I wouldn’t mind travelling back to England next May to work and then head out travelling again October 2017, but if it is feasible I would happily stay abroad for as long as possible.

I’m extremely relaxed and laid-back but also very confident and often the life of the party, up for chilling and taking in the world during the day and partying and taking in the alcohol during the night. Up for almost anything; volunteering in hostels and taking it slow, taking diving courses, learning more Spanish, going on treks, honestly anything I can do I want to do.

If anyone is interested please comment or drop me a message smile
Also on Facebook as Bradley Josh and whatsapp as +447517725992 so feel free to add me and message me there if its easier

Brad x