New Zealand/Asia/Europe 2017

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New Zealand/Asia/Europe 2017

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Hi, I’ve just finished my A levels and I’m hoping to do travelling before I go to uni… I’ve been thinking about going to New Zealand for a few months at the start of 2017 (jan/feb), but I’m open to other destinations. I’m interested in exploring and travelling around, with maybe some travel friendly work like fruit picking to make a bit of money while I’m travelling… I’d love to make the most of my time away, by doing hiking, kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, horse riding etc. Message me if interested! smile

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Hi Izzy, just read your thread and i finish my ALevels at the start of
April 2017. i understand if its a little to late for you however I’m interested in NewZealand ect. if you’re interested send me a message!!