Travel Mates for 2017

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Travel Mates for 2017

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Hi, I’m Georgia, i’m 18 years old from the UK. I’m taking a year out before starting university. I’d really love to explore Thailand, Australia, New Zealand but open to new suggestions! This is my first time travelling, so I’m interested in someone to go with, I’d love to go for around 2/3 months in 2017, and again on dates i’m flexible. Please message me if you are interested grin

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Im marta, Im 17, turning 18 in July 2017.I am trying to bring some people together for the end of next year in Australia.
Contact me if you are interested on here or on Facebook: Marta Castberg


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Hi Georgia

I’m Hannah and hoping to go travelling around Jan/Feb for about six months.  I’m looking to go to Thailand - Bali - Gili T - Vietnam - China - Hong Kong.

I have been talking to a few people on here who are interested in travelling around Asia. If you like my plans I look forward to talking to you more.


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Hi Georgia, my name is Georgia and I’m 18 and from the UK and I’m looking for a travelling partner to go travelling possibly around America in the summer 2017!

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Hi Georgia,
I’m also taking a gap year before uni next year but i really don’t want to go on my own!
I’ve been looking into those countries too,

just send me a message if you’re still looking for people x

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I’m hoping to go to Thailand too but would be open to going to New Zealand too if i can afford it.
If any of you are still looking for people, I’d be happy to join you


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Hey Bryony

I’m planning to go travel Thailand, Bali, Gili T, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and possibly Australia around 25th Jan for 6 months or longer.  Not booked anything yet as still looking for travel buddies to join me on my trip. Will be up for volunteering on the way if you are up for it to help fund the trip.