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Australian Second Year Visa


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Okay so,
I started my farm work on the 7th March 2016 on a avocado farm. I worked Mon-Fri 10 hours a day, including some half days on Saturdays, which works out to be 50ish hours a week I was working.
I was supposed to finish farm work on 7th June, but due to the season ending, the farm got rid of all the girls on 21st May, so i didn’t complete my 88 days.
I’m planning to go back and finish it in October but i need to know how many days/weeks i have to do! My farmer messed up the form he gave me and put the wrong days and dates on it and never sent me a new one so I only have my payslips as proof of the weeks I was there, but not the days.
Can I include weekends in my time at this farm? So I only have 14 days left to complete rather than another 6 weeks! It doesn’t make sense to me that I can’t include them as it means I’ll end up doing farm work for nearly 5 months rather than the 3 required. I’ve tried asking other people and looking online but nobody has the same answer and the Visa Bureau was useless and told me they can’t calculate my days for me, when that wasn’t what I was requesting!
I’ve read the government website x1000 times but I still don’t think its really clear. Has anyone been in the same situation or have any idea of where I can go in Sydney to ask someone? I want a definite answer, because I don’t want to risk losing my second year because I missed out on a few days!