Student loan repayment after returning home from Australian working holiday.

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Student loan repayment after returning home from Australian working holiday.


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I graduated in 2014 and have spent the last two years traveling including 10 months of work in Australia and have just returned back to the UK temporarily. It didn’t even cross my mind until I got home that I might have earned close to the student loan repayment threshold.

I have been trying to find other people in this position but can’t find any information for people who have already returned home from working in Aus as a backpacker and failed to let SLC know.

Please, has anyone else had a similar experience and what did you do?

I have just notified them and they seemed really cagey. I was ready to present to them my earnings for the year in Australia but they weren’t interest at all and kept asking me how we can move on from that and how was I currently supporting myself. I will need to provide proof to how I am supporting myself from now on. But surely when i send them my Aus bank account details including savings, where will it go from there?

In feel silly for not letting them know sooner and am worried now that I am going to get fined or something.

UGH. Please help!!

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When they were trying to track me down I just sent them my TFN, and I didn’t earn enough so they left me alone again. If you’re going back to Aus (I presume) then I’d just say send them your TFN and they can sort out what they want to take if you’re earning enough. It’s not really up to them how you’re supporting yourself! If they have your TFN they can see earnings, and thats all they need