Gap Year Planning !HELP!

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Gap Year Planning !HELP!


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I am currently in the process of persuading my girlfriend that we should take a gap year in 2018. I am wanting to start planning now in order for everything to be in place before we go, which mean we can just be excited about it!!

But, i need some help as this will be my first time travelling without family and also first time going so far away for so long.

I need some help on things I should plan ahead for? Where is the best place to start your gap year within australia and how should i go about booking accommodation for that place?

How much money would you suggest taking over as a starting price? What is the best way to look for a job(I don’t want to use any of them websites that make you pay for them to ‘guarantee you a job’ - i won’t pay for a job:gulpsmile? What kind of work can you do out there and is it possible to have a job and travel about at the same time?

Any answers would be grateful or any further information on something i have not asked! Sorry about all the questions tongue wink