Oz Intro - Worth the money?

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Oz Intro - Worth the money? 

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My original plan was to go to Australia on a working holiday next year backpacking solo. But I’ve finally found someone to travel with.

My original idea was to kinda wing it, book a hostel whilst i’m in the UK so I’m settled when I first get over there, and use the hop on hop off greyhound coaches. During the first week, I was planning on getting all the boring bits out the way, e.g bank account, tax file number, medicard etc and then begin my travels.

The girl I’m travelling with has other ideas and has suggested Oz intro. It’s £399 + £100 deposit, and it says it can sort your visa out, your accommodation for the first 7 days, and sort out your bank account, tax file number, and all of that stuff as well as arranging 7 days of activities including surfing, blue mountains, blah blah. But £500 for 7 days to me personally doesn’t seem worth it in the slightest when we can do it ourselves.

Has anyone ever used Oz Intro and can verify that £500 is worth it? Because I can’t see it personally!

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I have looked into this too, but not sure whether I think it’s worth it either. It does look good, but I’m not so sure as a bank account is easy to set up and you can do it from over here if you go with commback I think it’s called.

Interested to know what others think though smile

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I have booked on to Oz intro for W/C 20th Feb.
And as someone travelling on my own i think meeting people in the same boat as me is a must.
But due to you saying you have found someone to travel with sort of takes over the nerves of going it alone.

But my opinion is yes its worth it.
It would be easy for you to open bank accounts and sort all the things you need to get started in Australia (but why stress with all that time and effort),  If you have travelled before on your own and you know all the ins and outs of it then Oz intro will not benefit you as much for spending £500.

But they also give you a weeks accommodation, all activities, sort Tax documents, Health card and give you 12 months work help, so as far as i see it say 4 months into your trip and you are on the opposite side of Australia to where you began you are looking for work you can call them and they will organise and help you find a job and advise you on wages and all that jazz. (Help is just a phone call away)

So all in all for me there seems to be all positives there and no negatives, but at the end of the day its totally up to the person.
I’m stressing enough about moving to another country by myself so Oz intro will help me out loads. sick

(Why skimp out at the beginning of you trip of a lifetime?)


Cheers Josh