CA, Australia Looking for buddies 2017

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CA, Australia Looking for buddies 2017

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Hey everyone.
I am trying to bring together a group for 2017-2018.
For now, two people have contacted me and are interested.
The plan is more a less like this:
We start in the caribbean, visitibg places such as Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba.. ( hawaii anyone?!)
Then, who ever wants to can come to Australia, this would be a month or two after the caribbean. If you are not interested in the caribbean, we can meet in Australia ( roughly around september, october)

This is more or less the plan, but things can and will probably change (due to budgets, weather, plans)

We are looking for active, adventurous people with a free spirit!!!

Leave your name or contact ( Facebook preferably so we can make a group)  down below if you are interested. Plans are flexible!!!