Travel partner Feb 2017 onwards

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Travel partner Feb 2017 onwards

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Not entirely sure where I will be going but I’d love to travel through out the world, just a bit nervous about doing it alone, that’s why I’m on here looking for someone to travel with! Planning on departing about Feb 2017 but very flexible on dates, as I am also on the actual location. Ideally I’d like to travel through the Caribbean and maybe America or the Thailand, Vietnam region of the world and on into China and then Mongolia but I would equally like to visit Australia/New Zealand. I know it’s unlikely that I’d be able to do all of this but I’d like to at least do some. Hopefully someone else is wanting to travel similar areas of the globe and we can discuss it all in more detail!


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Hey James,
I’m planning to travel Australia and possibly New Zealand in 2017.
Most of my friends have gone off to uni or have to work, so I’m kinda stuck on my own as well. I haven’t booked anything yet but I’m planning to set off in January or February. I’d be quite scared to travel on my own.
Maybe our plans match and we could travel together for a little bit.
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Hi James,

I’m planning on travelling early 2017 as well to the US, South-East Asia, China and Australia, just like you.
I’m not going to Caribbean but hope to go again soon, maybe at the end of 2017.

Our plans match almost exactly! I haven’t booked anything yet but I’m in the process so let me know.

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Hey James! I’ve got some similar spots to hit on my travel list (Australia/NZ, Thailand and south east Asia etc), would be good to get some other people to travel with at certain times! I also plan to set off around February-ish? Send me a message if you’re interested!

- Z

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Hi James, i’m exactly the same and would love to do these places just send me a quick message if you’re still looking for someone to go around with