HELP! What companies should I use/ avoid?

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HELP! What companies should I use/ avoid?

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I am trying to book my RTW trip but there are SO many agencies. I can’t get my around it. Who do I use? Who don’t I use? Who do I use for flights? Who do I use for tours/ accommodation? Do I book all at once? Do I use the same company that the tour is headed by?

Does anyone have any advice for a newbie traveler? Please?!

Thanks in advance!


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For tours and activities I usually wait till I am in the city before booking with the local agencies. Much much cheaper than trying to pre-book online, where you’re often quoted 3-4x the price other travelers are paying for the same exact tour.

For flights, check out Flystein. I have found them very useful in helping me find the cheapest flights, plus it is also helpful when trying to plan a more complex trip. Plus they cost nothing if they can’t help you find something cheaper grin

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Hi Scarla,

Where are you thinking of heading? Is it the 3 months in Asia, onto Australia, Fiji, Los Angeles type RTW?

I know you feel like a newbie now, but after a few months on the road you’re going to feel on top of everything and bartering and fighting for things like you wouldn’t believe. Let the agency sort the flights if you want to do it through an agency, but sort the rest yourself, as it is way cheaper sorting it out once you’re there. Wherever you’re going there will always be accommodation. Download a few apps for first world countries -, hostelworld,, and the rest of the world you can just walk in to places.

Do it all separately is my advice grin


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I agree with the other person about waiting to organise trips once I’m there as it tends to be cheaper and you can find local people who will tell you the real stuff, not just the corporate things that a lot of tour operaters think you wnat to know. Again, I often wait until I’m in a city to find accommodation. But sometimes I use as they’re pretty good and - really cheap rooms usually in the best bits of the city. Either or - but both a good bet.