Travel Buddy/Advice For Travelling Australia and New Zealand

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Travel Buddy/Advice For Travelling Australia and New Zealand

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Hey my name is Jen i’m 19 years old and planning on going travelling in 2017 preferably around September/October depending on how my saving goes! I really want to go to New Zealand and Australia, i’d also be open for other places as well! just not sure where to start planning/where to go whether or not to book for group tours just to meet people! If anyone has been or going and has any advice or is looking to go around the same time can maybe say what they are doing? Thanks grin

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Hey Jeniffer I will be going with some people to the Caribbean and Aus around august-sept-october. Add me on facebook: marta daidola
Maybe we can talk, we are intersted in knowing some people while we are travelling.


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Hi Jen,

My names Catherine, I’m travelling Australia end of December this year until end of December 2017. I’ll be travelling with my best friend Becky and we’d love to meet new people along the way, I’ve spent 6 months in Australia previously so if you need any questions answering I’d be happy to help. We’re both going to be 21 at the time we’re travelling. Add me on facebook Catherine Puffett if your interested smile