Volunteering- how do I know its ethical?

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Volunteering- how do I know its ethical?


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So, I have been using a site called Volunteer World. https://www.volunteerworld.com
It’s like a database that shows you opportunities, very cheap and it tells you where the money goes. You also contact the placement directly.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has used this site? And if its good?

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Hi Kirsty,

I have never used that database before but I’d like to offer tips on choosing a good organisation. Unfortunately organisations that offer paid volunteer programs generally have a negative stigma attached as people can be skeptical about paying money to volunteer. While online reviews are helpful, large organisations that offer multiple destinations may be a bit fragmented with inconsistencies in staff quality, program experience depending on the destination. For instance you may be interested in a program in Nepal but find a negative review about that particular organisation that written by someone who volunteered in India. Also a lot of negative reviews are submitted by people who have no personal experience with specific organisations but

My recommendation is, after you’ve found a few organisation to get in contact with a couple of past and recent participants. An easy way to do this is to jump on Facebook and look for the subpages of the organisation. For instance GVI has their main GVI page and then different pages for their destinations; GVI Phang Nga, GVI Chaing Mai ect. Past volunteers are likely to be active on those pages and you could even message them to see if you can get in contact with current volunteers.

All the best.