Backpacking until 2023 anyone welcome

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Backpacking until 2023 anyone welcome

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So I have started to exist on this site. I hope people are not mad at me for posting the same message on 20 different threads but I hope I can clear all information regarding my trip here so anyone who wishes can come back to this post in the future.

So I will be backpacking through the world (Europe a bit of Africa and most of eastern Asia to be exact) Mostly by walking and hitch hiking. This trip will lead me to Japan as a destination point in 2023. I plan to be traveling through Europe for a maximum of 3 years (until 2019) and anyone is welcome to join me at any given point during my trip and to leave whenever you wish.

I am a highly spiritual person and i don’t mean religion. I am a spiritual teacher and a healer and i work towards learning the truth and understanding of how this world works and what are its laws etc.

I sleep in the tent and everything i own i carry on me, everything else i have sold or given away.

While in Asia I plan to visit India Nepal Tibet and all of the countries that run along the coast of Asia

You will be able to contact me on facebook :

or on my YouTube channel Master Koper:

I think i have covered everything that is necessary. The plans as to which countries i will go when, are flexible apart form Japan. So i am willing to jump to the side with my plans from time to time to just enjoy the company of people and travel with them.

Have a wonderful day :D