Travel Aus early 2017

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Travel Aus early 2017

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Ok, so I’ve wanted to travel now for a while and have saved all this year so far!
I 100% want to go next year just need the pep talks, help and even to make travelling buddies on this I can meet or go with!

Is anyone in the same boat? Would like to be flying out earliest Jan ‘17 and latest April ‘17.

How much do people take roughly when travelling?

I’ve chose Aus as it seems to be the most popular and great for a first stepping in the travelling World!


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Hey, I’m in the exact same boat as you i’m wanting to get out there but not wanting to fly for 24+hours solo.
Suppose how much you take depends on if you plan on working, how long you want to be out there for and what type of stuff you want to do.
I’m looking early January next year too, I’ve messaged you and if anyone else in in the same situation as us by all means message me and we can all look into it, exciting stuff!