2016/2017 Ski season

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2016/2017 Ski season

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Anyone here going to be working this coming season in Europe?

Been working in Vietnam for the last 7 months, heading back to the UK in November for a week then over to Courchevel for the winter. Only recently applied for various jobs, but got lucky and was able to choose between 3.

Never worked a season! Anyone got any advice?


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Not doing a ski season this year as looking to travel Asia next year.

I have done 2 ski season from 2014/2015 - 2015/2016 in Les Arc and Sainte Foy. You will absolutely love it. I was a nanny out there for ski companies. You don’t get much time to ski when your a nanny,  just one day and occasional half days.  If you are a chef or chalet host you get about 6 hour break during the day to ski depends on how fast you get through breakfast service your prep for afternoon tea and dinner.  Bar staff get plenty of time to ski. (not sure what job you’re doing) You will make lots of friends and have such a great time. Make sure you pack enough supplies like toiletries and paracetamol to last you a while as when you get there shops are usually closed for a few weeks and open up when the season officially starts. Pay is not that good but you might get tipped depending on your job. Hope your not doing for the money.

Let me know if you want know anything else