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Hey guys my name is jess and im 19 years old from Australia.

Im looking around for what to do travel wise next year or even very early 2018, so far i already have a family holiday booked on a cruise ship that goes to south east asia in march and another holiday to tasmania for 2 weeks roadtripping around and then on december 31st is my 21st birthday (going to be a big one of course) so all that will take up alot of my saved money for a trip so im thinking of just waiting till early 2018.

Im planning on doing Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and the Philippines. I want to travel for roughly 3-4 months around S.E.A. I am really tossing up going alone only because its such an incredible place and i love sharing memories with people and having fun with others around me. If i can’t find people to travel with i am thinking of just doing a Mediterranean Contiki & Greek Island Hopping so that i can go alone but know there will definitely be people to experience it with!

If anyone is interested more towards the very beginning of 2018 please let me know! even though its still over a year away we can still plan everything together and get to know each other even better !! xox

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Hi I’m Matt from England and I’m 17, 18 this December. I know I’m a fair bit younger than you, but I just want to put my voice out there. I’m planning on a gap year in 2018 to travel around the world. I want to SE Asia and New Zealand and also other places too but I’m not too sure right now. I want to travel 4-6 months or even more maybe but I want to go with one or two people. I like active holidays with chilled out people. I just want to have a good time smile