Mates to go volunteering with early 2017

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Mates to go volunteering with early 2017

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I’m Jemma, 18 years old (soon to be 19). This year I’m taking a gap year out before going to university in Sept 2017.

I’m really interested in joining a few volunteering programs, particularly ones involving animals cheese and really like the look of some in South East Asia, Africa and South Africa. I’d be looking to go for a couple of weeks/months at the beginning of 2017 preferably.
The majority of my friends have already gone to university this year, and so, so far it pretty much looks like I’d be going on my ownoh oh. Being fairly new to travelling, I think it’d be cool to find at least someone to go with, if not a group of mates.

Let me know if anyone’s thinking of doing a similar kind of thing at a similar kind of time. smile

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Hey Jemma,

I was just going through some unanswered threads and I found yours. It sure does sound interesting and I was just wondering what projects and dates you were thinking of. I don´t really have anything planned, except maybe some trip during April/March, but nothing set yet. Anyway, I would love to know what you want to do and maybe join you for those trips, so let me know if you still have those ideas in mind and maybe we can start talking.

PS. I´m Anuk, 18 (also soon to be 19), male from Spain. (probably should have put that at the beginning) smile

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I’m Phoebe, I’m 18 and currently on a gap year whilst reapplying for uni to start September 2017. I would really like to spend up to 6 weeks travelling early next year (was thinking February/ March) so that I have done something interesting with my gap year, but don’t have anyone to go with as my friends are either already at uni or are still in school, and my boyfriend isn’t really interested in going!

I am interested in visiting pretty much anywhere, but Africa/ South Asia/ Australia particularly interest me. I am also looking to possibly volunteer with animals for even just some of the time as it could be useful for my uni application (I am applying to study veterinary medicine). I would be on a pretty tight budget, which is partly why I am looking to only go for 1 month-6 weeks. I would love to know if you are interested in discussing possible travel plans with me!