Travel Buddy - real soon!

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Travel Buddy - real soon! 

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I recently quit my job and I’m now looking to go travelling, but I am just so scared to go by myself!

I really want to go to Asia & Australia without putting a time on it - I guess I’ll come home when I’m ready.

Ideally, I’d like to go as soon a possible as I have no ties right now, but if I had someone/ group of people to go with, I’d happily wait a while. Insta & Snap are jessicalilydeer if you want to get in touch!

Jess x


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hi jessica thanks for accepting my request on instagram! i am japanese girl looking for a travel buddy, like you. which country do u have in mind?  i noticed a recent post by Sophie and it seems four girls,including me, are planning a trip, what a coincidence!

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Hi Jessica,

I’m pretty much in the same position as yourself, i finish my apprenticeship in Mid-December, after that i plan on travelling with no real plan of returning haha!

I’ve already travelled quite alot already so got alot of experience.
Been wanting to see Asia and Australia for years !! So im really interested.

Also, dunno if its your thing or not but i’ve heard of some really good Nightclubs in Sydney and Singapore that are pretty world class haha.

As i say i’m really interested