2017 travel buddy or buddies

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2017 travel buddy or buddies

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I’m thinking about travelling to New Zealand, Australia or maybe around Asia in 2017. I’ve finally got the courage to decide to go travelling but I just have no one who’s in my situation and would be willing to go. One of the reasons I’d like to travel is to meet new people so I suppose I can start before I go.

The thought of going alone is frightening and would love to meet people similar to myself to share it with. I’m 19 and live in the U.K. In the midlands. I love dressing up and going out but I feel like I need to see the real world and maybe work/volunteer (with some partying along the waywink )

I’m open to any destination ideas and any sized group as I have no set plans yet, but I can’t wait to start looking.


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I’m Jackie, I’m from the south of England and I’m taking a gap year and I’m hoping to travel at the beginning of 2017 too! All my friends have gone to uni or have planned work all year but I really want to just travel. I would love to talk about places you want to go to? I’m open to anywhere really!

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Hi guys.
I feel exactly the same! I’m 18 currently doing an fashion foundation diploma in Camden, London whilst living at home in the south of England in a little town where I constantly feel confined and restricted.

I have quickly come to conclusion that I want to go to places such as Thailand, Vietnam, India and Australia in 2017 October and defer my place (i hope) at uni.

With most of my friends at uni I feel that no one feels the way I do in terms of travelling and exploring the world.

Like you I love to party but I am also intrigued of new cultures and would happily work or volunteer depending on the situation.

Feel free to message me or add me on Facebook/Ig if thats easier.

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Hey! I’m planning to travel SE Asia starting in April for about two months, but just trying to find someone to travel with! Let me know if those months work for yousmile

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Hey you still looking to go austraila? I’m planning to go early January.. looking to do the exact same. X

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hey, im not sure if anyone still check this post but im heading to australia in april 2017 and i need some advice and possibly a travel buddy. ill be flying to brisbane to meet a cousin that is going to setup my bank account and stuff for me. if anyone is interested leave a message sure :p. thanks

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Hey guys, hope I’m not too late for this post! I’m looking to travel and Aussie sounds great I’ve been once before but only visited Perth. I like to party aswell so that would be fun! Any advice would be great! I’m from east London/Essex 24 years old! Thanks grin