South East Asia/ Australia 2017

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South East Asia/ Australia 2017

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I’m hoping to plan travelling to South East Asia/ getting a working holiday visa for Australia to go in Summer 2017. I’m looking for like minded people who are thinking of doing a similar thing - none of my friends are able to go because of other commitments but i’m desperate to travel whilst i’m still young enough to do it!

I’m 23 and hoping for a mixture of parties, exploring, relaxing and plenty of beaches along with potentially getting the work visa.

Get in touch if you’re hoping to do something similar and we can get planning smile x

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Hey! My name is Angela and I am 24 and looking to do a gap year after I graduate and pass my boards in 2017.. I am also interested in exploring Australia and Southeast Asia.. I am interested in all of the things you mentioned, along with going on scenic hikes as well!