Travel buddies for SEA Jan-Apr

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Travel buddies for SEA Jan-Apr

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Hello guys,
I’ll be backpacking through Asia from middle of November to the end of March or April.
I’ll be starting in Nepal in the middle of November doing some treks in Himalayas, then will be heading southeast once the winter gets tough there (most likely at the end of December as that’s when my trekking buddy in Nepal goes back home).
Generally I was thinking to either take flight to North of Thailand and head southeast or land in Vietnam and head the other way, but those plans are still pretty loose so far and nothing is set up yet.
I’d like to do a lot of jungle trekking and explore the local nature and culture and have a good adventurous time! (while preferably avoiding the package holiday hotel areas).
Don’t mind a lazy day on the beach or some drinks from time to time as long as it’s not the only thing being done throughout the trip.
I’d be more then happy to share the road with like-minded people so don’t hesitate to contact me in case you’d be interested in joining forces!