East Coast Australia March/April 2017

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East Coast Australia March/April 2017


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I’m Anna and I’m 18, I have been living in the UK for 9 years and as I’m Australian I decided it would be good to go back there for a bit during my gap year.

I am looking for a travel buddy / buddies cause it’s more fun to travel when you are not alone! I plan on traveling the whole east coast from Melbourne to Cairns on a greyhound hop on hop off bus pass, staying at hostels and with family occasionally. After all of that I am thinking about doing the working the ski season down there before coming back for Uni.

I really love adventure and don’t want to have a boring trip. Some of the things I want to do include a 4x4 tour, the Great Barrier Reef and lots of beaches!

If I have enough money at the end or maybe in the middle I would love to visit Uluru and do a guided tour around there grin

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Hi Anna, I’m from the UK living in America and I wanted to go to Australia in early March! Message me if it sounds like we could travel together

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Hi Anna,

I’m looking at going to Oz in august time next year. I know you’d be there way before me, but maybe we could link up at some point along the way?
Message me if you’re interested!