East Coast Australia March/April 2017

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East Coast Australia March/April 2017


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I’m Anna and I’m 18, I have been living in the UK for 9 years and as I’m Australian I decided it would be good to go back there for a bit during my gap year.

I am looking for a travel buddy / buddies cause it’s more fun to travel when you are not alone! I plan on traveling the whole east coast from Melbourne to Cairns on a greyhound hop on hop off bus pass, staying at hostels and with family occasionally. After all of that I am thinking about doing the working the ski season down there before coming back for Uni.

I really love adventure and don’t want to have a boring trip. Some of the things I want to do include a 4x4 tour, the Great Barrier Reef and lots of beaches!

If I have enough money at the end or maybe in the middle I would love to visit Uluru and do a guided tour around there grin

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Hi Anna, I’m from the UK living in America and I wanted to go to Australia in early March! Message me if it sounds like we could travel together

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Hi Anna,

I’m looking at going to Oz in august time next year. I know you’d be there way before me, but maybe we could link up at some point along the way?
Message me if you’re interested!


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Hello! I’ll be on the east coast working around June to August, I’ll be pretty fixed to location but if you guys find yourself over that way and want some extra company for fun things while you’re passing through I’ll be about trying to meet people and see as much as poss smile