June 2017.

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June 2017.


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Looking to begin an around the world trip beginning in Delhi on June 1st 2017, encompassing everywhere and anywhere I can get to! My main places of interest will be South Africa, Thailand, Bali, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Australia, but I am completely open if I find the right person to travel with.

As long as you are relatively organised and have a really keen sense of adventure, id love to hear anyone’s plans be you male or female. If at some point we split to travel alone and then met again in another country, I am more than willing to do this too.

I have a time frame of around a month or so, although this is completely flexible as is my list of destinations. Would love to hear from anyone who this appeals to smile.

Instagram: @salems_son if you’d like to see who youll be travelling with.


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I’ll be having my solo travel starting on june 10-26 2017
Dubai-manila-cebu-singapore-thailand(bangkok,phuket,)- cambodia-malaysia-vietnam-philippines then finally back to dubai

See you around!

Catch you up in instagram (arscamurungan)