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I’m taking a gap year before starting college and so far I’ve been to Spain, Austria, Iran, and Slovenia. Now I’m back home in the Dominican Republic and currently trying to plan out my next trip. I think I’ll spend November and some of December in South and Central America volunteering at animal sanctuaries (if anyone is interested in that kind of stuff, let me know!). I’m mainly posting this to see if anyone is interested in eurailing through Europe with me starting in February or March?

I’m 18, I was born in Vienna but grew up in the Dominican Republic and in case you have any doubts, my instagram is minusadeghi smile

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Hey !!

FrankFurt, Berlin,Prague,Vienna, Italy (24 Nov-5 Dec) would you or any one around ? grin

and Spain, France, Swiss, Belgium, Netherland (4th-19th March) !!


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Hey!! My plans for February and March have been dropped due to some unluckiness, so i have those two months completely free and would love to do some Interailling round EU! I’m 19 and on my gap yr so kinda need something to do :/

I really don’t mind where i’d go or what i’d do since i have nothing better planned at the moment :D !!

Here is my facebook if you would rather get in contact through that: