Travel Buddy for April 2017 Europe

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Travel Buddy for April 2017 Europe

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Hey there!
I am planning on doing a backpacker trip around Europe using Interrail for a total of a month. Or also a trip from London/Paris to Moscow by train and maybe extending to China too.
I am afraid travelling alone would be a bit lonely, so I would appreciate if anyone was looking to travel around with me as well?

I am in the process of bugeting my trip but leave me a message if youre keen on maybe joining me. I can give you more details about my plans as well!


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I’m also looking to travel around Europe (via interrailing) in April too!
If you’d like to drop me a message we can see if our plans could fit together?
Lucy x

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I would be interested in interailing around Europe too and in particular liked the sound of travelling to Moscow as I would love to travel to Russia (the trans-Siberian railway seems like an amazing travel opportunity). I haven’t finalised anything at the moment and am working until Christmas to save some money. If you want to discuss plans just drop me a message smile