All around- summer 2017- travel buddy

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All around- summer 2017- travel buddy


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Im looking into traveling around Europe this next summer. I’m planning on starting my trip in Amsterdam and just take it from there. i am thinking of starting my trip at the end of july ish and ending it mid- September . but i can easily change this.

So, I am looking for some care free, open minded people who does not worry too much, and would like to travel with me, if not the whole summer, for a while. 

message me if you fancy a traveling buddy summer 2017 smile

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Hey! I’m graduating this summer and I would really like to go travelling for a month, however all of my friends are either broke or have other plans…

I am looking to go anytime from 24th July onwards. The initial plan was to go interraling in Eastern Europe, however I’m easy as of where we go.

I’d also be up for going South East Asia (Thailand etc.) or any other destinations.

If you’re interested, message me smile

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Hey guys! Im 19 and planning on going interrailing round europe in summer 2017 before I start uni but am up for any other countries. It would be nice to find some travel buddies!  Message me if youre up for it! smile

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Im 17 (18 in february) and want to travel before I go to university in 2018. This will be my first time travelling and I thought somewhere in Europe would be a good place to start. I was thinking of interailing as I think its the cheapest way to travel around Europe

If interested please feel free to message me smile

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I’m 18 (19 in November) and want to go inter railing across Europe. I’m very flexible with timing, feel free to message me x


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I’m 21, travelling 8th of august til 25th of august. Beziers-Lyon-Brussels-Hasselt-Amsterdam. Looking for someone to meet up someone on my trip!

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hey guys.I will go travel around the europe this summer.ıf you want send me message .thank you