Thailand early 2017

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Thailand early 2017


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Hey Guys, I’m planning a trip to Thailand at the beginning of 2017 around Jan/April for about three weeks. Im currently taking a gap year and travelling as much as I can, but I’m not sure if Thailand is a country I’d like to do alone. If anyone is looking for a travel buddy for Thailand, message me! X

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i`ll be in Thailand throughout february, backpacking. My name ist Tom and im 18teen years old. 
Im interested in checking out everything, from the national culture over nights out and relaxed days at the beach. I`ll start in Bangkok and go to the southern islands afterwards. If theres time left the nothern part is an option too.
What do you think? smile
Send me a pm if youre interested.

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I am also In a similar situation !!

I am taking a gap year ATM for 10 months from now until September and a complete novice to travelling so going alone is a lil daunting !!

I am so so keen to go to Thailand and most of my friends are still in school/ going off to uni/ completely disinterested but I am not deterred!

If you are interested please feel free to message me or ask for my Ig!