Travel buddy / group Australia 2017/2018

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Travel buddy / group Australia 2017/2018

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Hey guys! I’m Molly, 20 from Walsall! I’m planning a trip to Australia to backpack the East Coast sometime next year, just not sure when! Was wondering if there was anyone else on here planning to do the same thing and we could share the journey, or part of it, together! Also, if anyone has any tips for me then please do share!


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Hey I’m going out end of sept 207 till end of April 2018 to do the ultimate working hol package !! We can buddy up! I’ll be 18/19 at the time and the programme involves a weeks worth of travelling to begin with . 8im planning on flying from Manchester or Leeds!

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Hey! I’m also planning to go next year I’m looking at July time myself smile I am planning to do a little bit of USA beforehand tho smile 

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Hey, im looking to travel from june to july next year and would be interested! feel free to give me a msg.