Possible travel mates for October 2017...

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Possible travel mates for October 2017…

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I’m 18, currently studying in Camden, London doing a Fashion foundation diploma whilst living at home in the south of England, in a really small town where I’m constantly feeling confined.

Like many others on here, I’ve decided to go travelling next year in October 2017 as a way to become more independent, meet new, like and open-minded people, and really, to just explore the world.

!!!!! Especially after the news of Trump…I want to plan something I will look forward to instead of moping around and feeling sorry for myself (i hope others can relate to this) sick !!!!

If you look on my profile you can see I went to Barcelona last year and had the best time ever.

In 2017 I hoping to venture to South-East Asia and Australia and looking for possible travel mates to come with me. Apart for partying (probably for consecutive weeks)LOL and soaking up the sun I plan to fully immerse myself in the locals culture and work or volunteer depending on my situation.

(Feel free to message me, even on Facebook or Instagram.)

Love Molly xkiss



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Hiya!! I’m looking to do the AUS working abroad package from end of September till April and would love a travel partner!

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I’m also planning to travel to Australia on a working holiday with a friend from October 2017. Feel free to message if anyone is in a similar situation smile