North America beginning of 2017!

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North America beginning of 2017!

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Hey fellow gappers,

I’m Anuk, 18 year old( 19 in January) guy from Spain. Currently on a gap year looking for people to travel and share experiences with! I don’t have any set plans yet but I’m thinking about planning a trip to North America/Canada at the beginning of next year, possibly starting in January and spending aroung a month or more. I’m pretty calm, open minded and friendly so if any of you are thinking of planning a trip like this ( or a different one :D ) let me know and we can get talking and possibly planning the next adventure! smile

Anuk Pereira

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Hey I’m planning on a US trip early feb, want to explore a lot of the west coast; Cali in depth and of course a lot of the big nearby-ish landmarks…  Grand canyon, Lake Tahoe etc.  Looking for anyone willing to tag along! Let me know if you’re interested grin