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Europe 2017


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I am currently in my last year of college and saving up for a van to travel around Europe in. I want to visit places like, The Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia, Spain, Greece and Switzerland, but I imagine we’ll probably detour from whatever plans we make, so it’s just a rough idea. I hope to travel from August/September 2017 to around June the next year grin. I’m looking for around 1-3 other people to travel with, fellow hippies would be great, but anyone who’s adventurous and wants to experience new things is welcome! x

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Hi there I’m totally interested, please message me and we can talk more smile that would fit my schedule perfectly!

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HI, I am also in my last year of college and am taking a gap year before going to university.
I want to travel as many countries as possible and thought Europe would be a good place to start, I was thinking about getting interrail pass which allows you to use any public transport in that country.
I am thinking to start around august time and just keep travelling until I run out of money!

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Hi, I am doing a gap year this year and I am 17 years old turning 18 in July. I was thinking about going to England to work for 3-4 months (July-October) and then explore throughout Europe after working!!!!!!!! I would love a companion for even a week or so, as I am feeling a little daunted. I would travel around Europe until I run out of money and then go back to home to australia smile


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I was also thinking about getting a camper van that I can afford and go travelling for a while and work while travelling to cover the costs
If anyone has any suggestions or improvements let me know